Our history

Founded by Kouali N'Guessan, Kouali draws its inspiration from the deep roots of the Akan , a people whose history goes back several centuries. Through our creations, we honor the very essence of this culture , uniting traditional elements with contemporary designs .

The Magic of the Akan Heritage

The Akan are more than just an ethnic group. They symbolize strength , resilience and cultural richness that have transcended the centuries. Our jewelry captures the very essence of this magic, telling a story that has crossed the borders of Ghana and Ivory Coast . They remain very attached to their traditions and to the history which, in particular, links them to the West .

The art of merging

We are the symbol of a new luxury . Innovative because creating a symbiosis between the past and the present . Our pieces are steeped in the Akan heritage , while reflecting the contemporary elegance that Parisian life inspires in us daily. Each jewel is a unique work of art , carefully crafted to celebrate the richness of this culture while adapting to the modern world.

Commitment to Excellence

At Kouali, excellence is our standard. Each piece is meticulously designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials in Portugal , thanks to the shared history with the Akan since the 15th century. We pride ourselves on offering you jewelry that captures the essence of history and wears it with elegance.

Join us on this captivating adventure to explore our unique collection that embodies the power of history and the timeless beauty of the Akan.